Rebel Babe Box FAQs

What is the Rebel Babe Box?

The Rebel Babe Box is a quarterly subscription box contain a seasonal dress or outfit, an exclusive tank, a fitness or fashion accessory, an organic beauty product, and snacks. The box costs $79.99 + shipping. It can be purchased 4 different ways: autopay, 1 box, 2 boxes, or 4 boxes. Any of these options can be gifted. The cutoff date for ordering the current box is listed in the product description.

What if my measurements change?

If you get super lean or make some gains, click here to submit your new measurements before your next payment.

How do I pay?


If you select the autopay option, you will be billed every 3 months, starting on the day you sign up.

1 Box

If you select the single box option, you will receive the box for the current season. You will not be billed for future boxes. If you would like to receive a future box, you will need to order it manually.

2 Boxes

If you select the 2 box option, you will receive the boxes for the current season and the next season. If you would like to receive future boxes, you will need to order it manually. You will receive free shipping with this purchase.

4 Boxes

If you select the 4 box option, you will receive all 4 seasonal boxes for a year. A small discount is built into the price and you’ll receive free shipping.

Can I send this box as a gift?

All box options can be gifted. If you don’t have measurements for the recipient, we can include a voucher for the dress or outfit instead. When ordering a gift, make sure the name on your submission form matches the name on your billing address.

When does the box ship, and do you send internationally?

Boxes are shipped in March, June, September, and December. We currently ship to the United States and Canada.

How do I cancel?

Autopay subscriptions can be cancelled at any time before your payment date. Unfortunately, due to the customization aspect of our pieces, we cannot process refunds once your payment has been processed and you will still receive your box.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

We do not accept returns for the Rebel Babe Box and do not process refunds. We will consider a partial refund or distribution of store credit if the item you received is damaged or defective.

If your measurements have changed since you placed your order you can email us and send it back, so we can tailor it. If that piece is no longer in stock (which may occur if your measurements have increased rather than decreased), we can swap it for another style. If you do not like the seasonal outfit that’s included, you can email us to possibly swap it out for another style. We are not responsible for return shipping. We reserve the right to give out store credit as we see fit for any of the above or unmentioned circumstances.